About Our Agency

THE BRIDAL ARTIST AGENCY is a finely curated collection of on-location hair and make up artists catering to brides in California and beyond.

Stacey Triplow, Director and Owner of the agency, is an established international bridal hair and make up artist based in Southern California. She wanted to create an agency solely catering to brides and their big days. “As an artist, I frequently receive last minute e-mails and calls from frantic brides whose artists have cancelled on them last minute. I’ve had to try to fit them in myself or, if I was unavailable, book one of my senior artists on my team. And because of this I decided to create The Bridal Artist Agency.”

Stacey and her team of curated senior artists are highly experienced, professional and reliable. Each artist is hand picked for their leading quality of work – the very best in their craft. But above all else, each artist that she picks shows a genuine passion for being part of something special – a bride’s big day.